Master Data Management (MDM)

Ineo 3MDM ® is an integrated master data management solution with support for various use cases. Digital services, customer service and data quality improvement and customer and product data management are examples of business cases that drive our customers’ MDM investments. 3MDM has been successfully deployed in many enterprise environments.

Ineo 3MDM ® is a highly scalable and meta-data configurable multidomain MDM-solution. It runs on Microsoft SQL Server and Azure App Services technologies.

Proven concept and technology enable success in MDM

Master Data Management is a crucial element in all development, bridging technology, architecture and people. Successful MDM-implementations require that all these areas are taken into account as a whole and are supported with the right tools and development models. 3MDM ® offers a proven platform for your MDM initiative.

  • Superior usability, with a modern and process-aware UI to drive the people process to deliver high-quality master data by guiding and assisting users in-line
  • 3MDM ® has an advanced architecture model which enables development and deployment without disruption to existing landscapes and legacy data
  • 3MDM ® is a holistic and proven enterprise scale MDM solution.  Its broad functionality matches well with the new MDM Solution capability requirements published by Gartner in 2016.
  • Comprehensive capabilities and configurability enable user-centric, agile development. The overall MDM-architecture is implemented in stages and guided by the 3MDM ® enterprise architectural framework.
  • 3MDM ® extends SQL Server Master Data Services (MDS) into a credible enterprise scale solution by scaling out from existing MDS implementations, in terms of scope, functionality and performance.