Fact-based GDPR Compliance Services

GDPR compliance unlocks the door to digitalization

The new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is applied from 25th May 2018 without national legislation. GDPR compliance is an investment into customer trust, good codes of conduct and service. It effects strongly on customer experience as well as on brand and enterprise value. GDPR is an obvious part of your digital roadmap.

GDPR compliance is achievable only with facts about personal data in your systems

While GDPR improves the rights of citizens to their personal data, it sets significant governance and information management responsibilies to anyone controlling and processing personal data.

GDPR introduces new requirements for personal data that were previously legitimately outside the scope of the regulation. Direct personal data (eg. names) can be found in databases relatively easy, but in certain circumstances apparently harmless information (eg. employee number) can turn into personal data due to the regulation (indirect personal data). Read more about how personal data very often and easily “contaminates” all data in the information system https://www.ineo.fi/en/eus-general-data-protection-regulation-will-obligate-all-finnish-companies-and-other-organisations-soon

Reaching and sustaining GDPR compliance requires locating the actual scope of the personal data – direct and circumstantial. Risk management and governance alone will not deliver compliance.


The Fact-Based GDPR Analysis verifies the scope for Governance, Risk and Compliance

Our automated GDPR analysis reveals the facts about your personal data and helps you to assess the risk in full scope. It maximizes time to adapt operations, governance model and the creation of necessary foundation to serve the rights of you data subjects.

The Fact-Based GDPR Analysis is a valuable tool for your Privacy Office, compliance officers, legal and risk management, information and security management, and ultimately, your top management to assess your current privacy situation.


We invest in your privacy aspirations